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I'm Letting My Wife Go →

this suddenly became so relate-able. the bird and the fish..

— 7 months ago
& it only gets harder..

balancing the fine line between the past and the present. or is it balancing the past with the present. wondering how long this present could last.

— 8 months ago

thinking i am ready to face it, but once again defeated seeing the bigger picture. i guess it won’t ever be the same again.. the truth will hurt.

— 1 year ago

when life puts you on the’ll know exactly what you want, and exactly what you don’t want

— 1 year ago
mixed feelings.

worried, excited, nervous. expecting the unexpected.. not too sure how tonight will turn out. hoping for the best!

— 1 year ago

one step closer, two steps back. afraid to go further but don’t want to let go ..

— 1 year ago